To receive your donation once you have made it, you must wait a period of 12 hours for its accreditation and the staff will contact you, so it is essential that when you complete the information and your email. Do not use false information, as this is the way to contact you to deliver said Donation. Donations are entirely intended for the maintenance of the server as well as the implementation of new software such as an antibot, good geodata, responsible members, hosting that other things are not free.

Why donate?

Donations / contributions made in favor of “King Of Kings” are TOTALLY VOLUNTARY, and as such are not refundable, nor is any type of return or compensation accepted.

You get Donate Coin's as a reward for collaboration that can be exchanged for various in-game items.

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1º   HakamoriS 6 lvl
2º   Breaking 5 lvl
3º   Akatzuki 4 lvl
4º   HxH 3 lvl
5º   GeneiRyodan 3 lvl
6º   SOLOQ 3 lvl
7º   Staff 0 lvl
8º   GoldenKnights 0 lvl
9º   Targaryen 0 lvl

1º   lLilith 415 pvps
2º   Teorema 242 pvps
3º   Heyrick 229 pvps
4º   Yuzu 220 pvps
5º   Zulema 152 pvps
6º   Neeson 142 pvps
7º   Zelmira 142 pvps
8º   Endikan 136 pvps
9º   Rousey 106 pvps

1º   Rousey 600 pks
2º   Heyrick 206 pks
3º   Neeson 117 pks
4º   Endikan 104 pks
5º   Teorema 5 pks
6º   Neko 4 pks
7º   lLilith 2 pks
8º   Yuzu 2 pks
9º   Tenosh 2 pks
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