Register Email Within the Game [essential]

To be able to enter our server correctly for the first time, you must register your email, for this we will attach the following guide, where you can see step by step how to correctly register your email!!.

What is this about:

The Server will ask you for your email, because it has a system for selling characters / accounts / transferring players between accounts in an Automated way, with which in each security operation all the information will be sent to you via Email, including password changes. and even change the Email within the game, for this reason and for security it is mandatory to enter a valid email (remember that the email must be valid since a code will be sent that you must enter within the game).

The steps to follow are listed below:

1- Once we enter the game for the first time after 30 to 60 seconds, for security our player will be paralyzed, indicating that the account does not have a valid email.

2- Once paralyzed or before it paralyzes us, we must go to our ALT + B, Home tab, in the middle part of the page we will find in blue letters the legend Register My Account, we must click there.

3- A new tab will open, which will ask us to enter our email and then repeat it in the second box.

4- Once we hit send code, this window will close and after approximately 15 to 20 seconds a new window will open, which will ask us to enter a code to confirm.

5- Now we go to our mail and look in the inbox for an email received from our server, if it does not appear in the received box, please check spam.

6- Once we confirm that we received the mail, we open it, inside it we will see the old code that we must enter in the game.

7- We return to the game, enter the code and confirm.

8- Once confirmed, the petrification will be removed and we can enjoy the server.

1º   lLilith 415 pvps
2º   Teorema 242 pvps
3º   Heyrick 229 pvps
1º   Rousey 600 pks
2º   Heyrick 206 pks
3º   Endikan 104 pks
1º   Breaking 5 lvl
2º   HakamoriS 5 lvl
3º   Akatzuki 4 lvl
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