Server Guides

Welcome to the guides area of ​​our server, because several users have encountered problems accessing our Server / Discord, we open the following area to load all the new guides of our project so that they can obtain a unique experience.


1- How to download the files from the server.

2- How to install our High Five client.

3- Where to copy the server files.

4- How to join our server.

5- First steps inside the server: Register the Email.

6- How to correctly enter our discord.
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Top L2JBrasil  de Servidores de   Lineage2

1º   Nitro 99 pvps
2º   Trueno 40 pvps
3º   Yuki 25 pvps
1º   Nitro 10 pks
2º   Netero 3 pks
3º   Trueno 1 pks
1º   Cau7ion 11 lvl
2º   FULL 11 lvl
3º   Diablo 11 lvl
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