01. Comply with the law. Do not post or disclose material that could damage or hinder another user's computer, such as spamming, posting or displaying pornography, implying illegality or criminality, at the risk that your data, such as an email address email and IP, are delivered to the competent authorities.

02. Rights of the GM. King Of Kings GMs, at their discretion and without notice, are authorized to remove posts or ban participants deemed undesirable. It is GM's right to ban and/or ban users who do not fall within this code of conduct.

03. Respect our GMs. Treat all GMs with respect, not because they are in a high position, but because they are people who are giving their best, without receiving any kind of (monetary) reward. The position of GM is not a position of status, but of great responsibility, for which it deserves all our respect.

04. Respect all players. Treat all other participants with respect and do not use the King Of Kings server services to threaten, harass, stalk or abuse other users.

05. Rights of users. All users have the right to be well served by our GMs, so if any GM treats you in an undesirable way, please let the Admin know.

06. The bot is not allowed. Logging into the server and using Bot programs to acquire XP/SP, items/materials or adena will not be tolerated and the account will be banned. The use of any other program, artifice or bug, that brings some benefit, no matter how small, to the detriment of other players, will be sanctioned with the suspension or permanent ban of the account. It is also prohibited to take advantage of errors or financial imbalances of any kind for your own benefit and not report it to the GM.

07. PK is allowed. Whether in a group, clan or higher level player. Any player can become a PK. When a character commits the PK (Player Killer - act of killing another player), this player will receive a Karma penalty. The player with Karma is subject to dropping items on him if he is killed by another player.

08. Characters above level 25 found in starting cities killing characters below lvl 20 will be punished with suspension or permanent ban in case of repetition. This rule only applies to events in the starting city. Evidence, such as photos, must be sent with the map open or with the /loc command on the screen for your location to be visible.

09. Maintain a minimum of respect when using global chats (Shout, Trade and Hero Voice). The other players are under no obligation to put up with anything they don't want. Bad words considered serious are subject to suspension or prohibition according to the severity and interpretation of the responsible GM. Offending the morals of King Of Kings, cursing, offending, accusing the Staff, are subject to banishment or suspension as interpreted by the ADMIN. This rule also applies to clan titles, character names, pets, and private shop messages. Violations by private message (Whisper) and normal general chat are not included in this rule, as the annoying player may walk away or just block another player's chat.

10. Identity theft is highly prohibited, if sufficient evidence is found, the account will be terminated.

1º   lLilith 415 pvps
2º   Teorema 242 pvps
3º   Heyrick 229 pvps
1º   Rousey 600 pks
2º   Heyrick 206 pks
3º   Endikan 104 pks
1º   Breaking 5 lvl
2º   HakamoriS 5 lvl
3º   Akatzuki 4 lvl
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