Help us by voting

The following are the steps to be able to vote correctly on our server

We go to alt b and at the bottom (Vote Manager section) we will find the voting section.

You will find two voting icons (Hopzone and topzone).

We click on the one we want to vote on and we click on the icon and the voting page will automatically open.

Once the vote is done, we enter the game and enter the corresponding code [. Hopzone and .Topzone ] , Capitalization must be respected.

Once the code is entered we will receive our reward by email.

1º   lLilith 415 pvps
2º   Teorema 242 pvps
3º   Heyrick 229 pvps
1º   Rousey 600 pks
2º   Heyrick 206 pks
3º   Endikan 104 pks
1º   Breaking 5 lvl
2º   HakamoriS 5 lvl
3º   Akatzuki 4 lvl
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