V.019 Released

Skill fixes, updates, server modifications are visible here.
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V.019 Released

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  • Fixed Dragon Vortex.
  • Fixed 20_15 spawn territory.
  • Removed unnecessary log from target type Self.
  • Added conditions for AIO players.
  • Fixed reuse time of PvP instances events.
  • Refactoring ZeuS system.
  • Fixed Bloody family teleport.
  • Fixed Forgotten Scrolls.
  • Fixed Support Pet skills.
  • Improved Eveng Engine configs.
  • Fixed missing level 9 in admin command //hellbound.
  • Fixed Deadly debuffs.
  • Fixed range npc attack all AI classes.
  • Fixed Kamael Newbie Guide teleports.
  • Fixed Pc Bang Points bypass.
  • Fixed npc fast Bow/Cross attack delay.
  • Fixed npc attack animation.
  • Fixed attack with bow/cross finish and walk.
  • Fixed attack delay and use fast next action, (bug fixed: stop the actual action).
  • Fixed character stop a bit if start new atack "/attack" with bow/cross bow on around end of red BAR delay.
  • Fixed bow/cross bow delay next action, if you attack or use skill, character wait finish and start the next action like attack/follow/pickup/interact. Example (use nobless and try one next action).
  • Fixed login world inside seven signs, teleport to town, possible fix client crash. (with character "isIn7sDungeon = 1").
  • Add some Intentions in L2PlayerAI.
  • Add missing feature reuseDelay in NpcData from xml.
  • Update License.
  • Fixed party between GM's condition.
  • Added missing feature Custom Spawn for New Characters.
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